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Schoolproject in Pilimathalawa

A school for multiple handicapped children has been established in Pilimathalawa. It is the only special education school in the region. These 13 children cannot go to any other (regular) school.
The school is a private initiative of the monk Naronvita Medhanada, for which he has made his library available as a classroom. The lessons are given by a qualified teacher and the children learn arithmetic, writing skills and reading.
There is a great need for school uniforms, school supplies (notebooks, pens, reading books, etc.), school furniture and a lockable cupboard. These are not provided by the government. The school is now mainly sponsored by the local population, but these resources are unfortunately insufficient, so our help has been requested.
We have had suitable school furniture made in three sizes and a lockable cupboard for teaching materials. 5 tables and 15 chairs have been made. The costs are € 450.00.
Would you like to support this project? Love! You can transfer your donation to:
Horizonholland foundation
NL61 INGB 0002 4000 60
Thanks for your support!

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