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Olanda Watta – Kegalle

More than 27 years have passed since Horizon Holland built an annex to relieve the Prithipura home.

The Olanda Watta home was built under Horizon Holland’s supervision and provided a home for 25 residents. We assumed that the residents could live there self-sufficiently as much as possible. Among other things, a vegetable garden and a water supply system were built for this purpose.

A few years ago, the government expanded the home by twice as much, but without an additional water supply. That this extension has implications for extra water needs is obvious. With regularity the wells are dry, on the one hand because of too little rainfall and on the other hand because of lack of capacity.

In cooperation with the Foundation “Disadvantaged in Sri Lanka”, the Wilde Ganzen organisation and Horizon Holland, land was purchased from a farmer down by the river to build a pumping station. A 900-metre pipeline will then be laid from the river to higher Olanda Watta. This pipeline will be laid on concrete foundations and will lead right up through the jungle.

Work has been somewhat delayed by Covid 19 and the current economic situation in Sri Lanka, but work is now back in full swing to finish the job.

We therefore hope that the water on Olanda Watta will soon be able to flow sufficiently again.

Recently, the electrical system has finally been connected and the pumping system is up and running. This fulfills a long-cherished wish of Olanda Watta and provides them with sufficient water.

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