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Massa Preschool in Matale

This is a small school with a varying number of approximately 40 children. Sufficient learning and play resources are available. The parents of the children come here to help with the cleaning and maintenance of the grounds.

The school has recently been expanded to accommodate 40 children. The old part dates from 2001. The roof tiles are leaking due to old age and monkeys also throw roof tiles down.

Just like the new part, this section will also be fitted with hard corrugated sheets, so that this roof is also resistant to the monkeys. In addition, the walls will be painted and the outside wall in front of the school will be refurbished. Because the school is quite a bit lower than street level, the wall is being built up. The toilet facility will also be renovated and minor adjustments will be made to the electricity. The total costs for this are € 1,200.00

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